How does the design process work?

AJ follows a goal-based logo design process that ensures the final design you receive correctly represents you as a business and attracts the right audience. To achieve this AJ will kick off the process by working with you to create a concise list of objectives for the logo which allows him to focus the design decisions to ensure the final design fulfills its purpose and adds value to your business on-going. During the design phase, AJ will explore a vast number of potential directions, however, I will only select the most suitable for presentation based on the agreed-upon goals. A formal presentation document is then prepared, showing each logo design individually along with supporting images of the design in use, which will allow you to visualize the design in a real-life setting. AJ will also include supporting notes with each design to explain how the objectives have been met. This document, along with the advice provided will allow you to select the most suitable logo for your business and will give you confidence that it will perform for you too. Once the logo has been agreed, the artwork will be refined and finalized, and a kit of logos will be created allowing you to use your logo across web and print, at a range of sizes and applications. Full copyright ownership of the final logo design will also be transferred so you can use your new logo as you wish without worry.

What do you get?

Once the logo design is complete and full payment made AJ will supply a logo kit containing your new logo in various formats suitable for both digital and print-based applications, and will transfer full copyright ownership of the design to you. To ensure your new logo is versatile, and that you have everything you need for the foreseeable future, the logo kit will include variations of the logo. Alongside the full-color version the kit will also include different lockups, single color versions (both black and white), as well as a Pantone version to allow for cost-effective printing. The file formats provided will be in scalable vector format (Ai, EPS and PDF) as well as raster-based images for online use (Jpeg and PNG). Along with the digital files, a PDF user guideline document will be supplied to help you understand how to use the logo files, but if at any point you do have questions or need guidance with the files AJ will be happy to help and support you along the way. If required, other file formats not mentioned can be added to the kit upon request.


Your logo kit will include the following:

CMYK version – Full-color printing is made up of only 4 colors; Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black which mix together to build up any images you require. You will need this format when you need any printed material that displays full-color images on the same page. Provided in Vector (Ai/PDF/EPS) format. Pantone color version – Ideal for single color literature, pens, and stationery where print costs are limited, or where a precise color application is required. This will be provided in Vector (Ai/PDF/EPS) format. Pure black version – As it says, this version is a pure black version of your logo. This is ideal for black and white, or single color documents. Provided in Vector (Ai/PDF/EPS) format. Pure white knockout – Want to use your logo across a dark photo, or on a solid dark color? A white version solves color and visibility issues to give the best result. Provided in Vector (Ai/PDF/EPS) format. RGB version – Unlike print colors, screen colors are made up of Red, Green, and Blue, mixing the light of each color to make up the full-color spectrum. Your logo will be provided as an optimized Jpeg file format, and transparent PNG for web and screen use. Favicon – A 32 x 32 favicon of your logo will be created for use on your website.

Want AJ to design a logo for you?

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About Auckland Based Logo Designer AJ Hashmat

AJ Hashmat is a graphic designer with over 3 years’ professional experience, working with companies ranging from start-ups through to large corporates. AJ spends his time showcasing his art and design skills in the area of brand identity for his own company, Logonoob. Through Logonoob, AJ has been able to offer his expert logo design experience to entrepreneurs and startup businesses that need a new identity as well as offer a logo redesign service to growing businesses that wish to take their brands to a new level. Being passionate about branding, and inspired by legendary graphic designers, AJ aims to offer a logo design service where he can create a timeless mark for your growing company that’s simple, memorable, versatile, resizable and timeless.

Why choose AJ at Logonoob?

Unlike many logo designers, AJ takes the time to learn and understand the business story, its mission, and vision, and its target audience to create a concise set of goals which the new identity needs to meet. During the design phase, using the goals as reference AJ will use mind-mapping and visual brainstorming techniques to explore numerous ideas and directions for your brand.
Starting with pencil and paper, AJ will draw numerous logo concepts before working on a computer to create scalable vector artwork using Adobe Illustrator. By using vector software, AJ is able to create scalable artwork that can be easily reproduced at any size without any loss of quality, meaning you will have professional, high-quality results every time no matter what size your logo needs to be.
AJ will present 3 options based on the objectives agreed upon, which will be presented with supporting imagery with the logo design in situ so you can imagine how the identity will look in real life.

Working in partnership with you, AJ is happy to take on board feedback to refine the designs if needed based on your industry knowledge. AJ makes an effort to have a reason for every design decision, from the choice of type through to the colors used, giving you an identifiable device for your trademark that will perform.
The logo design created for your business won’t just stand out from the crowd but will become a timeless expression of the business identity which will allow you to have a symbol that will successfully communicate, engage with, and retain your audience more effectively than before. Once the logo is complete the design will be provided to you in numerous formats including vector files (EPS, AI and PDF) and well as raster formats (jpeg and PNG). Along with this, a supporting usage document will be included. Unlike some companies, you will own full copyright to your design. If required AJ is able to offer additional design services to extend your brand identity, including business cards and stationery, supplying print ready artwork. AJ has received very positive testimonials from his clients, who have been impressed by his in-depth logo design process, communication, advice and professional, friendly approach.

Brand Identity Design Process

Following a carefully crafted logo design process, AJ is able to focus on and meet strategic goals, which not only help you to select the most suitable design for your business but also ensures the logo design will be a success. logo design can come in many shapes and forms, from simple logotype based logos to monograms and emblems/badges. AJ will be able to advise on the best approach based on your industry, goals and target audience. If you’re interested to work with him feel free to contact AJ using the online form.

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